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Importance Of A Routine Check-Up

For some people, the idea of making a trip to the dentist's office prompts anxiety, preventing them from maintaining regular dental visits. Your dentist in Hurricane, UT, Dr. Charles Elkington with Hurricane Dental Group, encourages you to learn more about the importance of routine appointments to preserve your natural teeth.

During Your Dental Visits

The two main objectives of a dental visit are for your dentist to examine the condition of your oral health (i.e. your teeth, tongue, and gums) and sometimes take x-rays to check below your gums to ensure all is well.

The second part of your visit includes a thorough cleaning to remove any plaque or tartar buildup to prevent potential problems from arising. Cleaning and examination provide your dentist with the knowledge to determine if further treatment (e.g. fillings or a root canal) is necessary.

Benefits Of Maintaining Dental Check-Ups

Though you may not realize it, your oral health can impact your overall health, especially if periodontal disease (i.e. gum disease) is present, since it can lead to severe illnesses. More benefits of sustaining dental checkups include:

  • preserving your natural teeth by fighting tooth decay, or in worst-case scenarios, losing your permanent natural teeth
  • receiving proper dental hygiene education to ensure you're practicing the best oral habits (e.g. correct brushing and flossing techniques)
  • preventing or addressing potential issues from grinding your teeth when sleeping, like constant headaches or jaw soreness
  • early detection of related health problems
  • maintaining your beautiful smile, free of worry!

When you visit your dentist regularly in Hurricane, UT, you can walk away from your appointments knowing that you are improving and preserving your oral health.

Receive Quality Dental Care

At Hurricane Dental Group, Dr. Elkington and the rest of our team aim to provide the best possible dental care for all of our patients. Visit your Hurricane, UT, dentist by calling our office at (435) 635-4492, today!

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